A brand new Batmobile is coming to Rocket League thanks to The Batman movie

The film The Batman will hit the big screen this March 2 and On the occasion of its highly anticipated release by fans, Rocket League and the Dark Knight offer an all-new collaborationbringing new cosmetic elements within the game. There was already a Batmobile within the game, released several years ago now, but it was unobtainable for new players. Now she comes back brought up to date, in this new model from the movie The Batman.

This Batmobile does not arrive alone in Rocket League, however. since a whole pack of cosmetics around the universe of The Batman is also coming to the game. It will be available in the shop from March 2 at 6 p.m. until March 9 at 1 p.m., for the sum of 1100 IG credits. Here by the way what it will contain:


    • Chassis (Hitbox Dominus) Batmobile (2022)
    • Batmobile Engine Sound (2022)
    • Dark Knight Matte Paint
    • Batmobile Wheels (2022)
    • Turbo Batmobile (2022)
    • Batmobile Drag (2022)
    • Real life decal
    • Batman goal blast

However, these cosmetics have their particularity: apart from the goal explosion, they will only be equippable on this brand new Batmobilewhich otherwise cannot be customized with additional cosmetics.

That’s not all sincea brand new limited-time game mode is also coming to Rocket League to accompany the release of the film and the arrival of the new Batmobile in the game, Gotham City Rumble mode. This game mode will have many power-ups, a bit like in Rumblebut based on the powers of many villains from the Batman universe. You will therefore find The Joker Boxing Glovewhich will allow you to easily clear the balloons, but also Poison Ivy Vinesallowing you to project yourself into the air, or even the Clayface Piles to end up Bat Grapnel which will allow you to throw the ball behind you.

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