A brother and a sister, 6 years apart, discover that they are actually…twins!


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An 18-year-old woman recounted on the TikTok platform the day she discovered that her little brother was actually her twin, 6 years apart.

Some stories are so incredible that they seem to us unlikely. On TikTok, an 18-year-old Briton shared a surprising anecdote, leaving netizens completely stunned. Her name is Anna and her younger brother, Jack, is 13, according to The Sun. In one of her videos, she explained that they were actually twins, despite their age difference. A shock announcement made to him by his Divorced Parents in the middle of a lunch. But how is this possible? The young woman took the time to respond to her subscribers.

“We are both from in vitro fertilization (IVF). I was implanted in my mother and my brother was put back in the freezer for 5 years, as an embryo”she said on her TikTok account before specifying with humor that her little brother was therefore “taken out of the freezer” by his parents. A story that is both surprising and comical which has not failed to make people laugh. “You look like your mom went to Aldi or Iceland to get it out of the freezer”can we read among the comments.

A controversial scientific explanation

Scientifically, Anna and Jack are indeed twins. Both from from the same batch of embryos, they could have developed at the same time in their mother’s womb. But beware, these are dizygotic twins. Unlike monozygotic twins, they are not part of the same egg and have therefore been fertilized by two different sperm. “We are not identical twins”, said the Briton. Despite the explanations, some remained skeptical: “That’s not how it works. It’s not your twin!Others supported the young woman by sharing their own experience as in vitro fertilized twins

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