A bug in Warzone wreaks havoc in the gulag

While Warzone players thought they had seen it all, the list of battle royale bugs kept growing, now they have to deal with a map that randomly becomes invisible.

After long weeks of waiting, Season 1 of Warzone Pacific finally debuted on December 8, bringing the franchise to life.

Unfortunately for players the dream quickly turned into a nightmare when bugs started to appear.

Between the problems of skins and invisible weapons, the ammunition bug or the return of the bug of the demon weapon, there was something for everyone.


Warzone and Vanguard Season 1 launch roadmap

Lately, it’s a much stranger bug that has disturbed the daily life of Warzone players, causing the map to disappear altogether.

Warzone’s new map is still making its own

As this new bug began to gain traction, one player shared a clip on Reddit that ignited the powder. In the video we can see him preparing for a clash like no other within the gulag, textures being absent from the game.

In these conditions, it’s hard not to lose your cool. Nevertheless, the player managed to keep his calm and even triumph in his duel, which strangely seems to have helped to improve the situation.

The second his opponent died, before he even collapsed, the textures mysteriously reappeared, as if nothing had happened.

Difficult to say if the 2 players were affected by this bug, or if the author of the publication was the only one. Regardless, this bug has divided the community, with some seeing it as a disadvantage, while others see it as a bug exploit that will allow some players to get out of the game, intentionally or not.

If at the moment this bug does not seem to be very widespread, it would not be surprising, if it is indeed a bug, that it becomes more and more frequent.

It only remains to hope that the developers quickly rectify the situation. When in doubt, stay on your toes and be prepared for any eventuality!

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