a candidate ousted from the show testifies, “it’s a really very trying casting”

At the dawn of the launch of the new season of Star Academy on TF1, revelations reporting the psychological consequences of their ouster on certain candidates come like a bolt from the blue. One of them would be in the worst…

The return of star Academy on TF1 is particularly anticipated, seeing the success that the last season had in 2022. The new one is scheduled to kick off on November 4, still at the Château de Damarye-lès-Lys which has been redecorated for the occasion. The fun will last longer since the students are even invited to spend the end of year holidays together, and the teaching team changes. Indeed, if Michael Goldman remains the director of the new tele-hook promotion, Laure Balon and Yanis Marshall are leaving the adventure in favor of two new teachers.

The list of students star Academy 2023 has not yet been revealed… We currently only knowone and only facethat of Lola, revealed live last month on the set of the show Daily hosted by Yann Barthès (TMC). On the other hand, candidates who were initially selected and then finally excluded from the final casting are now coming out of silence to share their experience with a certain bitterness.

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Star Academy ? A “powerful violence”!

Three candidates would have been ousted by just “12 days” of the launch of star Academy according to one of them, fictitiously named Thomas, who agreed to speak at the microphone of South Radio. This Monday, October 30, the latter shared his concerns that would be shared by the psychologist hired by production to monitor the mental health of people participating or expected to participate in the tele-hook of TF1. In the studios of our colleagues, he explained that he “knew a candidate worse” that he, “younger” and that “really mattered” on entertainment. According to him, this is “one week” that the person is “in his bed” and she doesn’t want “even no longer talk to your parents. So much so that the psychologist contacted the three candidates in question to consider “a trace”if applicable.

If Thomas is worried, he does not hide his anger at having been thanked “12 days before the launch of the first prime”, “for budgetary reasons”. Still according to him, like the new season of star Academy East reduced from 13 to 11 weeksand the number of students had to go from 16 to 13. “It is everything that collapses in a fraction of secondsdreams “annihilated”. “We must understand that it’s a very trying casting, long, physically and psychologically demanding. Since May 3, I’ve been thinking Star Ac, I’m living Star Ac, I’m dreaming Star Ac”he explains, believing that until now he had not “never been confronted with such powerful violence. He also blames the first channel’s advertising revenue, citing France’s defeat at the Rugby World Cup and the conflict in Israel.


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