A career after the “crime scene”? These stars were able to build on their successes

A role as an inspector at “Tatort” always ensures a boost in awareness – but also a career boost after leaving the cult crime film? Joachim Król and other stars did it. We show you the path of their series careers.

Former “Tatort” detective Joachim Król, 66, was recently seen in a new film in the “Finally Widower” series. In “Greek Odyssey”, widower Georg Weiser travels through Greece in the footsteps of ancient and contemporary philosophers when his children Susanne (Caroline Hanke, 43) and Gerd (Tristan Seith, 44) want to celebrate the anniversary of their mother’s death in Crete with him. Weiser reluctantly lands on the island with his camper. There, old and new love affairs cause all sorts of turbulence. Can the expectant grandfather bring order to the unclear circumstances?

You can currently check the ZFD media library to see if he succeeds. It is already clear that the actor has made a successful new start after “Tatort” with the “Finally Widower” series, in which he has now appeared in the fourth film since 2018. In the cult crime series, the award-winning artist, who was born in Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, played Inspector Frank Steier in seven cases from 2011 to 2015. Nina Kunzendorf, 52, was investigating at his side as Chief Inspector Conny Mey.

Many other former “Tatort” stars also remained successful in series and series after leaving.

Andrea Sawatzki played Charlotte Singer in Frankfurt am Main

Andrea Sawatzki, 61, has long since brilliantly proven that there is a career after the “crime scene”. The actress’ Adolf Grimme Prize-winning (2005) “Tatort” career was a while ago. From 2001 to 2009 she played Chief Inspector Charlotte Singer in the team from Frankfurt am Main. She then starred in the “Bella” series from 2010 to 2014 and also appeared in the international television series “Borgia” from 2011 to 2013.

The successful format “Family Bundschuh” by and with Andrea Sawatzki started in 2015. In the TV series she plays mother Gundula Bundschuh – and wife of Gerald Bundschuh, who is portrayed by “Tatort” star Axel Milberg (67, “Borowski” crime novels). And Sawatzki has also started a successful series with her real husband, actor Christian Berkel, 66. The third “… for beginners” film was shot at the end of 2023.

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Simone Thomalla solved murder cases in Leipzig as Inspector Eva Saalfeld

And also an actress Simone Thomalla, 59, experienced a kind of second spring after her “Tatort” career – although the transition was rather gradual. From 2008 to 2015, as Commissioner Eva Saalfeld in the Leipzig Sunday crime team, she investigated capital crimes.

Since 2011, she has been supporting people in emergency situations as village helper Katja Baumann in the popular “Spring” series.

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Sebastian Bezzel played the Konstanz commissioner Kai Perlmann

Actors are certainly at the forefront of current post-“Tatort” careers as series or series stars Sebastian Bezzel, 52, should be mentioned. From 2004 to 2016 he was part of the Konstanz team as Kai Perlmann alongside Eva Mattes, 69, as Klara Blum.

Bezzel has been the star of the extremely successful “Eberhoferkrimi” series for more than ten years. The first of nine Rita Falk novel adaptations was released in 2013, and the tenth, “Steckerlfischfiasko”, is coming up…

Sebastian Bezzel

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Oliver Mommsen was Commissioner Stedefreund in Bremen

Nor has it disappeared into obscurity after the “crime scene”. Oliver Mommsen, 55. From 2001 to 2019 he investigated as Inspector Stedefreund in the Bremen “Tatort” team – which earned him the German Television Crime Prize in 2006. Since the Sunday crime drama ended, he can be found in pretty much every genre on television. “After the ‘Tatort’ ended, it was particularly important for me to play as many different roles as possible. Luckily, that worked out, in the sense: It couldn’t be any nicer, please don’t wake me up! That was exactly what I did “I always wanted diversity,” confirmed the quick-change artist in an interview with spot on news.

And he is also on the verge of establishing a television series, as the third film for “School by the Sea” has already been shot.

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Maximilian Brückner investigated as Commissioner Franz Kappl in Saarland

Maximilian Brückner, 45, is another ex-“Tatort” candidate who then started again. From 2006 to 2012 he investigated in seven episodes as Inspector Franz Kappl in the Saarland branch of the Sunday crime thriller. Then one success followed the next, including the crime series “Schwarzach 23” (2015-2020) and the satirical series “Hindafing” (2017-2019).

Brückner’s career after the “Tatort” career also inspires his colleagues. “In Maximilian Brückner’s case, it’s really fun to see the variety and the tough arthouse chaos he’s involved in. Great! And the Eberhofer crime novels [Sebastian Bezzel] “Of course, they have also become cult for a long time,” enthused Oliver Mommsen. “These are real role models and encouragers according to the motto: There is life after the ‘crime scene’.”

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Gustl Bayrhammer and Helmut Fischer were the Munich investigators Veigl and Lenz

Two icons in the category “‘Tatort’ star becomes series favorite” are the Bavarian cult actors Gustl Bayrhammer (1922-1993) and Helmut Fischer (1926-1997). They initially investigated as Melchior Veigl and Ludwig Lenz from 1972 to 1977 in Munich and as guest investigators in other “crime scene” cities. Bayrhammer even made two more guest appearances in this role in 1992.

Both Munich actors are now inextricably linked to completely different series roles. Helmut Fischer made himself immortal with the title role of Franz Münchinger in the ten-episode TV series “Monaco Franze – The Eternal Stenz” (1981-1983) by director and screenwriter Helmut Dietl (1944-2015).

In the year after this successful series start, Gustl Bayrhammer also appeared in his new alter ego for the first time: in 52 episodes he played the title role in the cult children’s series “Master Eder and his Pumuckl” (1982-1989), which will be released in 2023 with “New Stories from Pumuckl” by director Marcus H. Rosenmüller, 50, was continued.

Sources used: ARD, ZDF


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