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The viewers of “Love is in the meadow” attended the speed dates of Delphine, the lesbian candidate of this season. And his meeting with one of his suitors had a small effect on Karine Le Marchand.

There are encounters that make you lose your mind. This Monday, September 6, M6 broadcast the second premium of “L’Amour est dans le pré” still devoted to speed-dating. And this year, a lesbian candidate is participating in this sixteenth season, a first for the channel’s flagship show. Delphine, organic arborist in Tarn-et-Garonne, was one of the candidates to embark on dates to find her soul mate among the ten suitors she had selected.

Among them, Ghyslaine, a 44-year-old banking advisor, with whom the feeling quickly passed. Arboriculture did not hide its crush and was somewhat disturbed. “I am dazzled” she confessed to him. A feeling shared by Karine Le Marchand. “She is pretty. She is sexy this Ghyslaine. She’s got charm”, she said as she followed the interview on a screen. When the contender left, the host even dropped a sentence that made her smile. “She has a nice little ass too. I start to look at the buttocks of the girls, say so ”..

Delphine, registered for the show by her ex-partner


During her portrait, Delphine had confided that her participation was to assume her homosexuality and no longer hide. It was also her ex, with whom she was in a relationship for twelve years, who registered her for “Love is in the meadow”. Delphine therefore hopes to find the right one and have a good story. It remains to be seen if Ghyslaine will be the lucky winner. But for that, we will have to be patient and see how their relationship on the farm evolves.

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