a child almost suffocates with a piece of surgical mask hidden in her nugget

/ Mom / Child / McDonald's: Child nearly suffocates with a piece of surgical mask hidden in her nugget

While enjoying one of the nuggets from her Happy Meal menu, Maddie nearly choked on a piece of surgical mask stuck in her chicken butt.

This family outing almost turned into a nightmare. On Tuesday, August 4, Laura Arber, 32, and her 6-year-old Maddie, visited McDonald's in Aldershot, a town in the south-west of the UK. As usual, the girl took her Happy Meal menu with nuggets, not suspecting for a single second that she was going to find a piece of mask there. It was little Maddie's mother who pulled the nugget tip out of her mouth at the last minute, the BBC reports. "I had to put my finger inside her mouth to make her vomit, her vomit was speckled blue." Upon examining the nugget more closely, she realized that a piece of surgical mask was hidden inside the chicken. "It was a mask, it was cooked inside"the mother told the Daily Mail, adding that other residue was present in the other nuggets.

A lively controversy

After avoiding the worst, this mom complained to the McDonald's management, with a photo to back it up. Refusing to admit a mistake on their part, the restaurant then announced that the mother and daughter would be excluded “for life” from McDonald's. Following this, the photo of the nugget caused a heated debate on social networks, which prompted the group to react publicly. So the McDonald’s spokesperson assured that an internal investigation was underway. "As soon as we were made aware of the problem, we opened a full investigation with the affected supplier and took steps to ensure that any product in this lot was withdrawn from restaurants.", did he declare. He also explains that the " Food Safety " of customers is "Primordial" for the McDonald's group, which requires "rigorous standards to avoid any imperfection".

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