a collaborator reveals the host’s surprising reaction when he learned about the complaint

Accused of rape by a 25-year-old young woman, Sébastien Cauet would have had a rather surprising reaction when he learned the news. We reveal everything to you.

Sébastien Cauet is accused of rape since November 18, 2023. The alleged victim is Julie, a 25-year-old young woman who declares having been raped twice by Cauet, including a first time in 2014 when she was a minor then a second time in 2022. The complainant testified twice on the set of TPMP to tell the facts. Facts firmly denied by the host who then filed a complaint for “for the harassment he has suffered for several days on social networks” and for “slanderous denunciation”.

Since the scandal broke, Cauet has been removed from the air NRJ. Furthermore, the group ordered an internal investigation into the host. Then, this Monday, November 27, the case took a new turn when Cauet filed a new complaint “for attempted extortion by an organized gang, slanderous denunciation, forgery and uses against unnamed persons”. However, according to Le Figarotwo new complaints for rape and sexual assault were filed by two new young women.

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Cauet’s surprising reaction when the scandal broke

The investigation was entrusted to the minor protection brigade of the regional directorate of the judicial police (DRPJ) which will therefore have to disentangle the truth from the falsehood. But how did Cauet react when this affair broke out? According to the latest information from the magazine Here is, the host would have had a rather surprising reaction. Indeed, Here is tells us that Cauet remained very serene since the start of the scandal. The facilitator would have organized last Monday, November 15, a meeting with his teams in the premises of NRJ.

“As soon as the affair came out in the press, he brought everyone together to calm things down. He assured us that everything was bogus, that it would blow over very quickly and that he would soon be back on the air “, revealed an employee of NRJ has Here is. A rather unexpected assurance given the seriousness of the accusations.

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