a colossal update with an expected feature

Eight years after its disastrous release, No Man’s Sky continues to enjoy its impressive comeback and spoil its community with free content.

When it was announced, No Man’s Sky made many people dream, but the dream turned into a nightmare for the developers at Hello Games. All the crazy promises were absolutely not delivered. This could have cost the studio dearly, but ultimately, the teams managed to turn things around in a surprising way. Since its release, the game is even playable on PSVR2 – and on PC VR headsets – with improved rendering following a patch. And you’re not at the end of your surprises with the latest update.

No Man’s Sky’s free Orbital update is out!

After a trial period offered to make No Man’s Sky known to as many people as possible, Hello Games is deploying a new weapon to keep newcomers. The huge free Orbital update is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC. And this is not a usual patch, but a new extension which notably brings graphical improvements. No Man’s Sky’s engine has been optimized to “to create vast interior and exterior spaces whose reflections and metallic surfaces have gained in realism” explains Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games (via PlayStation Blog).

“Space station exteriors reach scales never before seen and boast a gigantic variety of visuals. Their interior has been transformed to be more spacious and is now procedurally generated resulting in incredible diversity. Stations welcome new shops and activities for more variety, and are now customized based on star system, race, and location” adds the creator of No Man’s Sky.

A highly requested feature available

To meet very strong demand from the community, the game also welcomes a ship editor. Thanks to him, it will be possible to personalize and create tailor-made ships, unavailable elsewhere in the galaxy even if you are one of the finest explorers.

The No Man’s Sky Orbital update also integrates a guild system which takes up a lot of space in the title’s new meta. Your reputation can, for example, be increased by contacting guild emissaries and by bartering items, or by making donations. It is also possible to have a freighter and create a fleet of frigates, to send on missions. Finally, expect adjustments in terms of user interface. In short, what’s good? It’s up to you to tell us in the comments if No Man’s Sky is still one of your bedside games.

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