a confirmed sequel for this gigantic film, it’s going to be huge!

This gigantic Netflix hit will have the right to its sequel. A surprising new blockbuster? We just want to be amazed!

On Netflix, you can find everything, and sometimes the hits are where you least expect them. We remember, for example, the surprising explosion of Squid Game which, if it doesn’t look like much on paper, has established itself as a real essential series, so much so that it will be entitled to a season 2 and a new adaptation will arrive in November.

That’s also what Netflix is, allowing other countries to show what they have in their stomachs, which is not particularly obvious in cinema, for example. It is then for us the opportunity to discover real gems or very good films from which we expect absolutely nothing, like this more than surprising Norwegian blockbuster which competes with Godzilla and all monster films of the genre.

A sequel to this gigantic Netflix hit

Her name, Troll. An explicit title that sets the tone from the start. Directed by Roar Uthaug (The Wave), Troll is a fantasy disaster film based primarily on Norwegian folklore. In fantastic misty landscapes, a gigantic troll rises from the mountains. His sleep has been interrupted by the man, and he finds himself lost in a world he no longer recognizes. The creature quickly wreaks havoc wherever it goes.

Yes, the synopsis does not break three legs of a duck, and we already have the impression that we are going to find ourselves in front of a nonsense signed The Asylum. But this is not the case. Troll is a blockbuster with very solid special effects at first and mastered photography. So yes, we can’t escape a few clichés, but that’s a price to pay to have a great time and take in the sights. Fantastic and folkloric, Troll was a real surprise when it was released, and it was more than a hit. The Norwegian film quickly placed itself at the head of the podium of the most viewed programs on the platform. It’s impossible for Netflix to miss out on a sequel, that’s good, this one has been ordered!

Troll 2 will soon break everything

No release date, no clue about what’s next, but Troll 2 is well and truly on its way. We suspect that other immense creatures will come to show up, perhaps even that we will be able to further explore Norwegian folklore and all its fantastic and legendary creatures. Regardless, Troll 2 is on the way, and the film will once again be helmed by Roar Uthaug. The director also told Variety that the film would once again rely on Norwegian legends. However, he will not specify which ones. The film is in any case taking shape, and filming should begin by 2024. We can therefore expect a sequel the following year, certainly

Troll trailer on Netlfix

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