A connected scarf? Cisco and the Manchester City club take up the challenge!

Alexander Boero

August 08, 2022 at 2:30 p.m.


Manchester City © Vicky Jirayu / Shutterstock.com

© Vicky Jirayu / Shutterstock.com

The American giant Cisco and the Manchester City club have announced the development and the birth of a connected scarf which will make it possible to know more about the reactions of the supporters during a match.

In Europe, the football season resumed at the beginning of August (or is about to officially resume for certain championships), and now Cisco and Manchester City, long-time partners, are taking the opportunity to unveil this Monday, an innovation that could improve the experience of football fans: the connected scarf.

To better measure and understand fans’ emotions

For years, fans of football and other sports have sported – and often very proudly – ​​various merchandise to represent their favorite team. There are the shirts, of course, the caps but also the scarves, inseparable from the world of football.

Cisco has rightly thought about a way to both better measure and better understand the emotions, ups and downs felt by spectators during the match, whether they are seated on their sofa or in the stands.

The company has therefore developed its own connected scarf prototype for fans of Manchester City, the club that won the last Premier League and the unfortunate Champions League semi-finalist against Real Madrid. The club’s supporters could try this technological fabric this season.

Study the reactions of the body in the key moments of a match

The scarf developed by Cisco has several sensors that allow the monitoring and evaluation of the physiological data of a group of supporters during a match.

The data collected relates to fans’ heart rate, temperature and emotional arousal. They will provide indications on the reactions of the body in the different key moments of the meeting.

The Connected Scarf Cisco Manchester City

© Cisco

All the information collected will help to better understand the behavior and reactions of supporters. The goal here is to improve their experience as a fan thanks to targeted approaches which in our eyes are still very vague. Cisco and Manchester City, which for the moment are using volunteers, promise in any case to completely anonymize the collection and evaluation of this data.

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