A creator builds the entire universe in Minecraft

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Minecraft creators have no limits anymore. This user decided to make… the entire universe in Mojang’s game.

We used to see crazy constructions on Minecraft, such as known buildings (Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, etc.), even entire countries or fictional universes (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter which even gave rise to an entire mod). And then the meta got even crazier with in-game crafted supercomputers and computers, to the point of giving the ability to play Minecraft inside Minecraft.

But there, this user has exceeded himself. What could be bigger than all these creations? The whole universe of course!

ChrisDaCow published this Tuesday a video presentation of our universe rebuilt in Mojang’s cube game. We see the planets of the solar system, a black hole and a supercluster of galaxies. According to the creator, this project took him quite a short time in the end, only “between a month and a half and two months of constant work”.

A universe built brick by brick with World Edit and Optifine installed only, as well as shaders to make it prettier. “But even without it, it’s still pretty clean actually.”

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