A digital stamp is approaching, but what is it exactly?

Alexander Boero

July 01, 2022 at 4:35 p.m.


La Poste © Alexandre Boero for Clubic

© Alexandre Boero for Clubic

La Poste has announced the launch, over the next year, of a digital stamp, understand “digital stamp”, which will make it possible to frank using its smartphone.

This week, the La Poste group announced an investment plan of 800 million euros to modernize its distribution network by 2025, but also to expand its territorial presence and accelerate its digital transformation. As such, the company said more about its famous digital stamp (or “digital”, as it writes), touted as a ” industrial and technological prowess “. Let’s see the details together.

A digital stamp as an 8-character code

What if someone tells you that you will soon be able to frank a letter without having to buy or stick on a stamp? This will indeed very quickly be the case, since the digital stamp on which La Poste is working will make it possible to frank a letter, all thanks to its smartphone.

How ? By purchasing a stamp from the La Poste application which will be sent to you in the form of an 8-character, single-use alphanumeric code, to be downloaded. What to do next ? Simply write this code in pen on the envelope you want to send.

This stamp will be sold online at the price of a green stamp (so-called non-priority cover, distributed within 48 hours in metropolitan France). La Poste still has to wait for the approval of the regulator, ARCEP.

Experiments carried out before an availability scheduled for 2023

In the meantime, La Poste explains that its digital stamp concept is being tested. According to the group, it will be possible to buy a code at any time of the day and night, with an immediate download.

The stamp, which should be available in 2023, will make it possible to send mail weighing less than 20 g to France.

To develop this innovation, the group relied on Probayes, a start-up specializing in data and artificial intelligence. It has managed to create algorithms derived from cryptography, which will facilitate the issuance of millions of codes by greatly reducing the number of frauds. All that remains is to write the code correctly on the letter to be sent…

New, more modern and easy-to-use automatons and terminals will also be gradually installed in commercial spaces affiliated with La Poste by 2025. The La Poste Mobile telephony offer will also benefit from greater promotion, with physical points installed in 400 post offices over the next three years.

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