A famous candidate of the “Marseillais” accused of witchcraft: the controversy that shakes reality TV: Femme Actuelle The MAG

In the very particular world of reality TV, controversies are rife. Assault on a politician, candidacy for the 2022 presidential election or even publication of photos of a 2-year-old child wearing makeup and wearing a tight dress … The stars of these programs never cease to shock Internet users. But recently, an even more gruesome situation has hit the reality TV circle. Since Sunday February 28, 2021, Carla Moreau is accused of witchcraft… Oh yeah, you read it well. The 24-year-old woman – an emblematic figure of Marseillais since 2016, moreover appeared in Shopping queens last week – finds itself at the heart of a social media scandal. This is her best friend Maeva Ghennam, also a candidate for the show that airs on W9, who disclosed the matter on her Snapchat account.

Carla Moreau suspected of having wanted to cast bad luck on her competitors Marseillais

In a video, she accuses Carla Moreau of having called on a clairvoyant in order to harm her comrades (or rather competitors) of Marseillais. Following these revelations, Marc Blata, former candidate of Angels and of Beauty and her princes, unveiled particularly disturbing audio recordings. On these, we hear Carla Moreau giving instructions to her clairvoyant to cast bad luck on certain candidates, such as Julien Tanti and his wife Manon, or even Maeva Ghennam for example. The young mother – who gave birth to a little Ruby in October 2019, with her fiancé Kevin Guedj, also a star of Marseillais – obviously wanted make sure she is the one and only star of the program. Videos of voodoo sessions have also been posted. Carla Moreau would have spent nearly 90,000 euros for a doll bearing the image of a candidate …

While the father of Carla Moreau gave a damning testimony in a video unveiled in Do not touch My TV Monday, March 1, stating that his daughter had been involved in these sessions since the age of 17, the case took a different turn the next day. Indeed, Maeva Ghennam returned to her remarks. So she said to herself at first, "shocked" and “annihilated ” by the betrayal of her friend, the candidate finally explained that everything was wrong: “I want to apologize to Carla. I know the whole truth. I can't talk about it. All I can tell you is I apologize. And this whole story is wrong. For me, it’s a relief to know that this is all wrong because I was afraid I had lost my best friend. I'm ashamed of myself for not being there. But the story is too complicated. It's all wrong, sorry Carla, I love you ", she said on her social networks. Enough to sow (even more) trouble in this surprising affair to say the least …

screenshot – W9

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