“A fatal car accident”: the day when Nagui thought of the worst

If he has stacked the successes on the small screen since the 90s, Nagui has also experienced a severe crossing of the desert, as recounted in the book “Nagui, a child of TV” published on October 28th.

Surprise recruit of Canal + to take the reins of the cult talk show Nowhere else, the host faced a hard blow at the turn of the 2000s. Nagui is fired after barely a season, as the tells René Chiche in his book Nagui, a TV child, released on October 28, 2021. The transplant has never taken on the encrypted channel, and it is the beginning of a terrible crossing of the desert.

“I don’t work for a year and a half, but I still have people working at Air Production. my accountant tells me to file for bankruptcy “, he said in 2019 in The Parisian, as the book by Editions Mareuil reminds us, “in 2006, RTL fired me. Without having suicidal thoughts, I tell myself that the easiest thing would be for me to have a fatal car accident.

The invaluable support of his wife Mélanie Page

Nagui then hits bottom. At the time, he began to be convinced: TV was over for him. “One day, I have an appointment at France 2 to present fifteen projects, he continues. After an hour and a half, the boss of the channel lets his secretary tell me that I will not be received in the end. He doesn’t even move … In the parking lot, I am in tears. I am 42 years old and I think I am has been for eternity“, Nagui remembers. Fortunately, if the phone no longer rings, he can count on the precious help of his wife : “The only one who supported me, it’s Mélanie (Page), my woman. She told me not to let go “. Advice that has turned out to be invaluable.

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Photo credits: Giancarlo Gorassini / Bestimage

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