a feature that everyone has been waiting for is finally here

Starfield is a huge success, however certain mechanics are missing or are not perfect in the eyes of players. Fortunately, everything is moving in the right direction.

Since its release, it’s clear that Starfield is a smashing success. Moreover, Bethesda recently indicated that the game benefits from a community of 10 million players. Even though this figure includes Xbox Game Pass subscribers who launched the game only once, it is still a great achievement and an impressive launch. However, certain aspects of the game, such as loading times between each planetary journey, have attracted criticism. But could this change?

Starfield is making a big change

Bethesda is well aware of these criticisms regarding loading times between planets, but so far no solutions have been put forward. Faced with this, a modder decided to act by taking matters into his own hands. From this initiative was born the “Slower than Light” mod (a nod to the game Faster Than Light). Its objective is clear: to allow players who wish to make an interplanetary trip without experiencing a long loading time, a feature already present in No Man’s Sky and which is sorely lacking in Starfield. To get an idea, a demonstration video is available below:

To summarize, this mod allows speeds to be controlled using hotkeys, with the highest speed being equivalent to over a hundred times the speed of light. It also provides shortcuts to slow down and reset the current “scene”, thus overcoming the problem of planets not loading.

The mod’s creator specifies that its implementation is somewhat rudimentary, adding:

I have reservations about being able to perfect it before the Creation Kit comes out. However, I hope that this mod will offer a temporary alternative to those looking for an immersive flight experience

Installation is simple: just place the dll file in the root folder of the game, as shown here: F:SteamLibrarysteamappscommonStarfieldDataSFSEpluginsStarfield_SlowerThanLight.dll

If you are interested in this mod, you can find it on NexusMod, where many other creations for games such as Skyrim, Cyberpunk 2077 or Baldur’s Gate 3 are also available. It must be admitted that the game is much more enjoyable with this immersive mechanic.

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