a film or a game with Michael Bay (Rock, Transformers)?

An exclusive Xbox cloud gaming game, possibly Death Stranding 2 on PS5, Hideo Kojima is very busy but showed up alongside director Michael Bay. A future film project or even a joint game or an informal meeting?

For 2022, Hideo Kojima wanted to multiply the projects and this is what is looming on the horizon. Between rumors and confirmations, the Japanese designer’s schedule is full. But he took the time to immortalize an interview with Michael Bay. Should we see the beginning of a teaser?

A Hideo Kojima x Michael Bay collaboration?

Could Hideo Kojima join forces with director Michael Bay (Rock, Bad Boys, Transformers, Armageddon…)? A tweet from the Japanese designer leads us to question ourselves. As we can see, the two men had an exchange by interposed screens. However, the image is not complete since a black square hides one of Michael Bay’s screens. Surely a confidential project… but from whom? Mister Bay’s next movie or something with Kojima-san?

The father of MGS and Death Stranding opened a new studio last year in Los Angeles. But unlike that of Tokyo, this new entity must focus on opportunities related to films, series and music, even animation. Is this the purpose of this videoconference or a simple informal meeting? After all, Hideo Kojima has always had a foothold in Hollywood and has built up a nice address book over time. For example, he has dialogued several times with his own “god” George Miller (Mad Max), without there being anything more than a conversation between enthusiasts. And not everything the developer tweets is synonymous with teasing. In short, for the moment, difficult to really know.

Update on Kojima Productions projects

Currently, the Kojima Productions teams are on an Xbox-exclusive game that would be the horror title named Overdose. Then, the studio could be in parallel on Death Stranding 2, given that Hideo Kojima will continue to have a very good relationship with PlayStation. Then there are the side projects like his radio podcast, exclusively in Japanese, or his video team which should release something…

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