A firefighter invents a tool to teach children first aid


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Inspired by an American model, the SDIS 79 has developed a tool to teach children first aid in a fun way.

This Wednesday, November 10, the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS 79) presented a brand new instrument facilitating the teaching of first aid actions: “the little rescuer’s cube”.

On the program for cycle 3 students (CM1, CM2 and 6e), the device “ Learn to rescue (APS) aims to teach appropriate behavior and basic first aid gestures. To do this, the Deux-Sèvres SDIS has developed “The little rescuer’s cube”, a fun tool, “inspired by an accessory discovered during training with the Philadelphia firefighters ”, explained Commander Michaël Albrecht, head of the northern Deux-Sèvres territorial grouping and education and citizenship referent.

The idea is very simple, on the principle of an infinity cube, the children fold and unfold the different faces of the cube while telling a story. ” We tried. The results are excellent. On average, after three demonstrations, the children retain the essential concepts by heart ”, said Commander Michaël Albrecht.

A decisive training

By manipulating the cube, the child discovers stories involving first aid actions. Once the pupil manages to tell the story himself, he obtains a diploma of the little lifeguard, issued by the SDIS.

When it comes to cardiac arrests in particular, the SDIS reminds that everything is played in the first minutes:
“Although 70% of these accidents take place in front of a witness, less than one in ten of these witnesses undertake survival actions, and the alert times are still too long. However, the vital prognosis is closely linked to the speed of the alert, and to the effectiveness of the actions taken before the arrival of help. ”

In the coming weeks, the little rescuer’s cube will be distributed in schools throughout the Deux-Sèvres department thanks to the volunteering of 50 firefighters.
The SDIS 79 now has a first batch of 400 units: “Of course, our wish is to find other patrons to produce more.”, Concluded Commander Michaël Albrecht.

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