A former Apple engineer presents a native app for Gmail on macOS

Benjamin Logerot

February 28, 2022 at 10:27 a.m.



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For two years now, Mimestream has been satisfying users of gmail
. This application on macOS continues its development by offering a solid solution natively on the latest Apple machines.

Regular monitoring and passage through the Gmail API make this app a solution of choice for followers of Google’s messaging service.

A solid email client in expansion

Neil Jhaveri is an American engineer coming straight from the prestigious Harvard University. He worked for Apple for seven years, first as a software engineer and then as a manager of the Mail and Notes applications for macOS and iOS. A solid expertise in email clients which allowed him to develop Mimestream after his departure in 2017. He founded the company in 2019 and the app was launched in 2020.

Mimestream is therefore an email client developed natively on Swift for macOS and manages emails from Gmail. You must have a Gmail account to use it. One of the strengths of this service is that it directly uses the Gmail API rather than the IMAP protocol in order to offer maximum Google messaging features such as multiple accounts, advanced search or keyboard shortcuts. Obviously, all the information of a Gmail account is synchronized with the Mimestream client, which makes it possible to keep his signature and his contacts for example.

It should be noted that for the moment, Mimestream only supports Gmail but that the application teams would like in the future to extend the client to Microsoft 365 / Outlook and services that support the IMAP and JMAP protocols.

Regular monitoring

For the moment, Mimestream is accessible in free beta and has quarterly updates which each bring their share of new features and improvements. The latest, 0.33.0, was deployed at the end of last week.


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Several useful options have arrived. First of all, the possibility of switching, in the middle of writing an email, from the “Reply” option to “Reply to all”, which should make it possible to avoid some errors. Then, the “Important” label is supported, which finally makes it possible to create a folder of the same name to classify the mails categorized in this way. Another addition is the opening of the “Favorites” section in the sidebar, where you can drag favorite labels to access them more easily.

But perhaps the biggest addition is the ability to accept or decline Gmail invitations with Google Calendar. Accepted events will pull to your Google Calendar as well as any accounts added to Apple Calendar.

It should be noted that if the beta of Mimestream is free, the developers wish to make the application payable in the future, at an as yet undetermined price.

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