a free visit to the hairdresser, do you like it?

The Chosen site, which allows you to make an online hairdressing appointment, is launching a new platform to test new hairdressers free of charge who will register on Chosen.

It is undoubtedly the ultimate dream of those who like to take care of their hair: to enjoy a free appointment with a hairdresser. What if we told you that it is possible thanks to the Chosen site? Initially, it was created to let you find that rare gem in helping you find the hairdresser who can best meet your hair needs. Then, you can make an appointment from the site and take advantage, if possible, of a small reduction on the service. Chosen is developing more and more, in particular thanks to a system of “matching” between hairdressing professionals and clients.

We are entering an important phase thanks to the implementation of our “matching” tool which allows us to offer each client THE hairdresser who suits them. This tool will allow us to increase the number of appointments, which is why we are recruiting many new hairdressers. It seemed essential to us to involve our clients in this choice, since it is with and for them that we are developing. », Explains Sophie Cornay, co-founder of Chosen. The Chosen team has therefore decided to put its clients at the heart of its development by involving them in the choice of the next hairdressers and hairdressers who will be present on the platform. For this, she created the platform Inside Chosen. It is thanks to this platform that you will be able to benefit from a free hairstyling service from a hairdresser pre-selected by the Chosen team according to their skills and motivations.

The principle of “matching” still present

Faithful to its principle of matching between hairdressers and clients, Chosen has taken it up to find the one who will come to take care of your hair at your place. To do this, you must go to the Inside Chosen website and answer a questionnaire. In it, you will be asked to specify your type of hair, their length, the type of products you usually use to take care of your hair, a photo of yourself in natural light and the type of service that interests you. For the moment, you have the choice between a cut, a sweep and the realization of a polar blonde color. In addition to this questionnaire, you will also need to send a short video (less than a minute) to Chosen, as a private message via Instagram, in which you talk about your hair and your expectations.
Note, however: to benefit from this free hairdressing appointment, you must already be a client of Chosen, and therefore that you have already made an appointment with a hairdresser via the website.

Chosen will then contact you when you have found a hairdresser who matches your requirements. Rest assured, the hairdressers who are pre-selected by Chosen to take care of you all have a long experience in large salons or in the studio.
Once the “magic” of matching has operated, the professional who will be assigned to you will come to your home to perform the service you have requested. Following this appointment, you will then have to rate the hairdresser according to Chosen’s criteria. And it is thanks to your notes that the site will know who will be able to join the Chosen hairdressers team.

So, are you ready to give it a try?

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