a friend of the suspect says he found him “strange”

The puzzle pieces come together regarding Helena’s disappearance. A relative of the main suspect claims to have found him strange the day after the incident.

While the bodies of Marie-France and Richard could have been found in the North, is Héléna’s disappearance about to be clarified in Brest? In effect, a suspect has been identified. And we know more about this young man, who would have made a disturbing visit to the police station.

On January 29, Héléna Cluyou goes out to the Le One nightclub on the port of Brest with friends. The 21-year-old nursing student was seen leaving around 5:30 a.m. and then at 6:42 a.m. in the Recouvrance district. But since then, no trace of her.

A 36-year-old Toulonnais, Sylvain L., is suspected in the case. He would have confided in his brother and his sister-in-law “having done something stupid, that his life was over”, adding that it was an accident. In psychological distress, he had received a visit from the couple, who had come from Tours to help him. In intensive care after a second suicide attempt, he could not be heard by the investigators, who have not yet found no link between the accident and Hélénaspecifies the prosecutor of the Republic of Brest Camille Miansoni.

This Tuesday, searches were carried out at his homelooking in particular for DNA traces of Héléna and her schedule on January 29 and the following days, according to The Parisian. Last week, his vehicle was set on fire but no body was found inside.

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The suspect in the disappearance of Héléna “strange” according to a relative

His relatives describe Sylvain L. as a “playful and smiling” party animal. He would regularly consume alcohol and narcotics. For his sister-in-law, there are no limits and becomes unstable when partying.

Former employer of the suspect, a restaurateur from Brest does not go out of his way to describe him in the columns of the Telegram : “I fired him! His behavior with my waitresses, his repeated thefts, the confusion he generated within my establishment, all that was no longer possible”. He added: “Sulli, as he called himself, was able to be friendly, courteous, outgoing, but also bamboozle you in no time. He invented lives. He put the discord among my employees. His thing was girls. He only thought about it. He went out with one of my waitresses. It ended badly, he had taken intimate photos of her without her knowing it… (…) He was borderline predatory.”

For a former colleague, however, he was a charmer “but I can’t imagine him for a moment disrespecting or hurting anyone. Basically, I think he’s a sensitive and fragile person. He sometimes took products that made him sad, like depressed”.

Would he have already met Helena in a bar or a nightclub? He has been working for six months in an establishment located a few meters from the Le One club. A friend of Héléna claims that she would have gone there six or seven times, including the day of her disappearance, can we read in Le Figaro.

Sylvain L. is also known for acts of theft and a case of domestic violence. In a relationship with a woman of around twenty, he had been visited by the police for these facts and the young Brestoise would have recommended psychological help to him, in vain.

On the day of Héléna’s disappearance, the suspect who arrived in Brest a few months ago went out to a nightclub with his ex and a man, but they left him alone. A relative of Sylvain L. explained to the Parisian to have crossed him the next day and to have found him strange. Usually quick to take care of himself, he appeared “with drawn features and disheveled hair”.

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