A girl and her mother killed in Morbihan: the imprisoned driver

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The man who fatally hit a two-year-old girl and her mother on a departmental road on Sunday was indicted on Tuesday by the Vannes prosecutor’s office. The 25-year-old man, placed in pre-trial detention, faces a ten-year prison sentence and a 150,000 euro fine.

The 25-year-old man, accused of fatally hitting a mother and her two-year-old daughter in Brandivy (Morbihan) on Sunday while driving heavily drunk, was indicted for manslaughter and imprisoned, announced Tuesday the parquet floor of Vannes.

Sunday evening, a car hit a 30-year-old mother and her young daughter who were walking along a secondary road, then fled. “The father, also present, was not hit by the car but suffered a psychological trauma fixed to date at 45 days of total incapacity for work. The mother and the child died the same evening”, indicated the parquet floor of Vannes in a press release.

The investigations made it possible to identify the alleged perpetrator, “a 25-year-old man, unknown to justice, socially integrated, who was placed in police custody” shortly after the facts.

“He admitted to being the driver in question and that, alcoholic (0.85 mg / liter of exhaled air retained), he had taken his vehicle to return home. He indicated during his police custody that he had not surrendered account that he had hit two people”, continues the prosecution.

The man faces ten years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros.

Referred Tuesday as part of the opening of a judicial investigation, he was indicted on counts of manslaughter aggravated by driving under the influence of an alcoholic state and hit and run and aggravated involuntary injuries by the same circumstances.

The respondent, who faces ten years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros, was placed in pre-trial detention in accordance with the requisitions of the prosecution, according to the same source.

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