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Since the end of June 2022, Dance has been offering an offer allowing you to rent a Niu NQi Sport electric scooter, accompanied by a range of additional services. We tested it for several weeks, let’s see what this innovative service is worth.

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Electric scooters are on the rise, but with an ever-changing number of models available, it’s hard to make the right choice. Of course, everyone’s situation is different and some will prefer a comfortable and economical two-wheeler, while others will favor autonomy or sportsmanship.

The best way not to be mistaken is of course to try the scooter at a dealer, but a simple half-hour test only rarely allows you to fully understand the machine. Fortunately, there is a solution for the undecided, but also for those who only temporarily need a scooter: rental.

On the same principle as Zeway or Véligo (for electric bikes), Dance offers Niu NQi Sport, one of the best 50cc equivalents, therefore accessible without a license, for monthly or annual rental. The turnkey offer includes the scooter, its battery, its charger, as well as smartphone support, insurance and a concierge service.

We tested it for a few weeks to get an idea of ​​the service. We will not return to the scooter, which we have already tested in detail a few months ago, since it only differs in terms of color, offered this time in a flashy mauve-gray that does not go unnoticed. On the other hand, we will detail the operating principle of the Dance subscription and service.

The Dance offer

The main advantage of Dance is that the subscription includes everything you need to get started. Indeed, the purchase of a scooter systematically requires a valid insurance contract, which can be complicated for a first driver. Dance therefore simplifies the process by directly managing this issue and passing the cost on to the subscription. This is available in two formulas: Flex, without commitment, at the price of 179 euros per month, or a subscription with a one-year commitment, invoiced at 149 euros per month.

In both cases, the subscription can be supplemented by options including headphones or top box, each billed an additional 9.99 per month. By default, the subscription includes the standard battery which only offers about forty kilometers of autonomy. The long-range battery allows you to drive more serenely, up to sixty kilometers on a single charge, for a monthly supplement of 11.99 euros.

The command

Dance aims to make controlling and using a scooter easy. There is therefore no need to go to a dealership, the vehicle is delivered directly to your home, provided you live in the Paris region. The whole process is done online and, even before ordering, it is possible to interact with the Dance Concierge for any questions, either by using WhatsApp or by e-mail.

Dance's ordering process is simple and intuitive
Dance’s ordering process is simple and intuitive

When ordering, all you have to do is choose the monthly or annual formula, any options, enter your contact details, then choose the delivery window. The process only takes a few minutes and has the merit of being intuitive and clear, since it highlights the options selected and the monthly price with the options.

The delivery

Dance offers delivery slots over three-hour slots, for example between 2 and 5 p.m. On the day of delivery, you will be notified on your application of the arrival of your scooter, and can even follow it live on the map, until it arrives at your doorstep.

Upon arrival, the delivery person will present the scooter to you and provide you with any accessories you have ordered. Within minutes, you can be on the road and enjoying your machine. Note, however, that only one set of keys will be provided to you, which can be restrictive on a daily basis, especially if you share the two-wheeler with a loved one.


The scooter provided by Dance is a Niu NQi Sport, which we have already tested. We will therefore not go into the details of the vehicle, but will rather cover the principle of operation of the service provided by Dance.

In addition to delivering the scooter to your doorstep, the Dance teams are at your disposal throughout your subscription. Thus, the application allows you to consult the details of your package, but also information relating to insurance. In the event of a breakdown, it is also possible to report it through the application in order to obtain rapid assistance.

The Dance Concierge is accessible by WhatsApp

Finally, the concierge service accessible by WhatsApp is available if needed. For example, I requested the addition of an additional driver and the team was able to add him in minutes, without having to wait long hours or having to send an email. This is the main asset of Dance: simplicity and efficiency.

Our opinion

As you will have understood, Dance stands out for the turnkey service it offers and the efficiency of its concierge service. On the other hand, the quality of service has a price. Indeed, the subscription is relatively expensive compared to the price of the scooter which is only 2,600 euros, excluding ecological bonus. Admittedly, Dance includes insurance and maintenance, but you will have to compare the rental price to that of the new scooter, and pay for its maintenance and insurance. It should also not be forgotten that Zeway charges a model of equivalent power at a lower rate, while including in the subscription the exchange of an empty battery for a full one.

This therefore targets the Dance for a category of users who are still undecided about buying an electric scooter and would like to try it out for a few months, or young drivers who would not have much interest in having insurance for the first time on their own scooter, and of course those who prefer a turnkey service, whether for a few months or the longer term.

It should also not be forgotten that the Dance scooter is only offered in a single color, which may displease some users. Indeed, I must admit that the overly flashy side of it bothered me a bit after a few weeks of use, and I would have preferred a more sober livery. The opposite is that many intrigued people stopped me at red lights to find out more about Dance.

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