“A head to be cuckolded”, the confidences of Caroline Margeridon (Affaire Conclue) on her divorce

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In her book published in November 2021, Caroline Margeridon spoke of the deception of her former companion, after 16 years of relationship. A hard blow experienced by the famous buyer, who delivered herself without a filter.

The buyer ofDeal Concludedwho received several blows to the face, experienced some lows in her private life, before being as fulfilled as she is today. Caroline Margeridonwho came out of silence after her attack, had indeed been led to confide in her book entitled Free!published in November 2021, on the deception of his former companionJean-Marc, with whom she remained for 16 years.

The wolf and fulfilled mother of Alexandre, 23, and Victoire, 22, told without language of wood this very painful moment of her life: “The basis of the contract between us was: ‘No deceit, no child, do not live together every day.’ We never lived together. He lived on the left bank, I lived on the right bank. I decorated his apartment, he had no taste. He had the keys to my house, he came when he wanted. We met in the countryside on weekends and during the holidays. It was the ideal life. It lasted sixteen yearsshe first explained.

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Caroline Margeridon “One day I learn that he is cheating on me”

The buyer later revealed the serious mistake made by her ex-companion: “One day I find out he’s cheating on me. I must have a head to be cuckold…she wrote, before continuing: “If I cried, it wasn’t for him. I cried because I saw my children crythey loved it!”she confessed.

Caroline Margeridon then recounted the nightmare she experienced, following the the cowardice of the one who then shared his lifeonce caught in the bag: “Once I was certain of his infidelity, I texted him saying, ‘I think we need to talk.’ He didn’t answer me until the next day, hello courage… On Monday evening, he wrote to me: ‘Can I call you?’ I answered yes. In the second, he calls me and throws me: ‘We’re getting divorced, I never want to see you again’, before hanging up…. After sixteen years, you understand the shock! I have the manual for raising a baby, for friendship, but obviously not for love”, she lamented. Today, the famous buyer is much happier without him, and that’s good!


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