a highly anticipated exclusive reaches a milestone, it’s very promising

Sony can congratulate itself on this PS5 exclusivity, which constitutes a great first in terms of a publishing agreement. This is excellent news for the PlayStation catalog.

Shift Up, developer of the PS5 game Stellar Blade, recently reached a major milestone by signing a deal with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Good news for the PS5 and its future game catalog. What exactly can we learn?

The PS5 and Korean games

This agreement makes Shift Up Sony’s first second-party studio in South Korea. A new initiative for the company. Previously announced under the name Project Eve as a cross-platform game, Stellar Blade will now be a PS5 exclusive, following a prior agreement with Sony.

The launch date of Stellar Blade on PS5 remains undetermined. According to information relayed by GameChosun.co.kr, the agreement between Shift Up and Sony, signed on November 24, includes not only the transfer of the game’s publishing rights to Sony, but also the integration of Shift Up into the software program. second-party partners of SIE. At this time, no additional information has been released regarding other future Shift Up projects with Sony.

For the record, a second party game refers to a video game developed by an external studio but published or financed exclusively by the owner of a gaming platform. Such as Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. Unlike “first party” games, which are developed by internal studios or subsidiaries owned directly by the platform owner, second party games are created by independent studios that have specific agreements with these owners. This is the case here with the Korean company.

A promising exclusivity

Concerning Stellar Blade, although initially planned for release in 2023, the game seems to be experiencing a delay. New information on the release date will be communicated later, according to GameChosun. The game had already captured attention when it was revealed at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase. And sparked interest with its visual improvements when it reappeared a year later.

The game follows the story of Eve and her team, who land on a desolate Earth in hopes of reconquering it. They meet Adam, a survivor, who guides them to Xion, the last existing city. There, Eve engages with the people of Xion, and contributes to the city’s rebirth in her quest to save Earth.

The signing of this contract indicates one thing: for Sony, this game looks promising. We can hope that with this agreement, greater resources will be allocated to the game, in order to make it an even more impressive work.

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