a highly appreciated actor could join the series

After the hit that was Westworld, its creators repeated the feat with the Fallout series. This did not escape a major player in their previous production, and also a fan of the games.

Jonathan Nolan, one of the leading figures in the Fallout series, indicated this during a long interview with IGN. Todd Howard, executive producer due to his major role at Bethesda, was also present.

The loop between the Westworld and Fallout series is complete

Among the brains behind the Fallout series, we notably have Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Both previously impressed their world and HBO with Westworld. We can also clearly feel the influence of this major work in the latest bombshell from Prime Video. We indeed find a duality between the past and the present, a western atmosphere and finally a little nod to the famous Man in Black.

However, it was not his interpreter Ed Harris who expressed interest in joining season 2 of Fallout. IGN actually asked the following question: “ Among the celebrity fans of Fallout, no one came to ask you to join the cast? “. To which Jonathan Nolan replied: “ Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Westworld from season 3, editor’s note), a human being that I love with all my heart. He was present at the premiere in Los Angeles and seemed very excited about the series. It’s funny to see that people we’ve known for a long time are huge Fallout fans, who play it regularly “.

Aaron Paul is obviously a big fan of the Fallout games. ©HBO

A series of adaptations made by players of the original games

In addition to the actors being fans of the Fallout games, it turns out that the people leading the series are too. Jonathan Nolan admitted that he and Lisa Joy played it to find inspiration for creating Westworld. The loop is thus definitively closed. It is therefore not surprising that its adaptation series is such a great success. The show is in fact run by game enthusiasts, in close collaboration with Bethesda. All the ingredients were there from the start to create an explosive cocktail.

Fans old and new therefore have reason to rejoice for season 2. This has not yet been confirmed, but there is now virtually no room for doubt as to its renewal. Even before its release on April 11, the series received 25 million tax credits from the state of California. Since the first season exploded on all counts, the road to a very popular destination with fans of the games seems to be clear. To say we can’t wait to return to the Los Angeles Wasteland is an understatement.

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