a huge bug destroys the game, Blizzard reacts


It’s a fact, the bigger the game, the more its bugs will be magnified. This is obviously the case for the Daiblo 4 hack ‘n’ slash and its progression concerns.

Since its release on June 5, Diablo 4 is unfortunately subject to some balancing issues and bugs. Last I heard, the most annoying of these is an issue that has been preventing some players from progressing and claiming their rewards in the new season since July 20. Following this, Blizzard had to communicate officially to express itself on a potential resolution.

Diablo 4 and the bug ball

No more than another game, Diablo 4 doesn’t seem particularly plagued by bugs, but we have to admit that having a giant community causes problems that weren’t originally planned. So during the deployment of season 1, some had the unpleasant surprise of having major problems with progress. It all starts with a message on the forums in which a certain RoyalFlush explains that he cannot unlock achievements despite dozens of attempts to open chests. Following this, other forum users started complaining about various issues like this. It was enough for the social network Twitter to seize it and for Mike Ybarra in person to react by providing an answer. As a reminder, the man is literally the president of Blizzard Entertainment. See instead:

Player : Unfortunately, some of us cannot do this due to a bug.

Mike Ybarra: The problem will be solved in a few days, I think the goal is August 15th.

Great improvements to the program

In addition to fixing a bug, Blizzard also promises to improve the fun of Diablo 4. This is how during a chat format discussion last week, the American publisher promised to improve efficiency and fun for two classes: the wizard and the barbarian. For the wizard the intention is to improve the survivability of this one and to improve the effects of the “curse of the kiss”. For the barbarian it is a question of accelerating the pace of combat and increasing the generation of fury as well as the power of certain unique objects. In short, a very nice program which proves once again that the developers seem to listen to the community. It remains to be seen whether the progress bug will indeed be resolved on August 15 or whether this is a statement to calm the crowd while they find the problem.

From your side, what do you think of Diablo 4 as is ?


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