a huge crazy thing in preparation, Capcom teases

Monster Hunter is definitely up to something and Capcom is playing on our nerves. Is something big in the works? It’s possible !

Summer Game Fest, Gamescom… In Europe, that’s all we can talk about, but we tend to forget that these are not the only trade shows dedicated to video games. Recently, a very important special event was held in Japan, the Tokyo Game Show.

A TGS is short on strong announcements, but rich in presentations. We had the right to Final Fantasy Rebirth (FF Remake 2), Dragon Quest, Persona 5 Tactica and a whole bunch of other games that the archipelago (and the whole world in fact) loves. It was also during this event that Capcom came to talk about its franchises. A presentation of the highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake DLC, a video of Dragon’s Dogma 2a new trilogy of remasters for Ace Attorneybut also and above all Monster Hunter.

A monstrous troll, but also a real announcement

A somewhat special announcement, moreover, since if we know that a new Monster Hunter game has just been released, we are especially waiting for news of the big piece, the episode which must succeed Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The latter having bowed out recently, it is time for Capcom to move on, and we know that it is inevitable. So, when during his presentation, the editor stirred things up, everyone believed it.

A real emotional elevator, Capcom gently trolled its fans by making them believe, voluntarily or not, in the announcement of a new opus. In reality, it was just a little montage for the franchise’s anniversary. Yes, in March 2024, Monster Hunter will celebrate its 20th birthday and will even have the right to a collaboration with Exoprimal to celebrate. The Japanese firm therefore thanks us, fans of the franchise, and asks us to be patient a little by revealing that a ton of announcements are coming soon. Capcom even broadcast a message on its networks stating that after 20 years of good and loyal service, it hopes “continue this momentum by offering even better, bigger and more exciting hunting experiences” who will go so far as to surprise us. So promising.

Soon a new game like Monster Hunter World?

Will Capcom really wait until March to make any reveals, or can we hope to hear news of a possible big game soon? And why not at the Game Awards at the end of the year? We will see. What is certain is that players are eagerly awaiting a new opus, and there are millions of them hoping for a sequel to Monster Hunter World, Capcom’s biggest success to date (all licenses combined). It’s very difficult to imagine a future without a new Monster Hunter on current consoles. By that, mean an opus exclusive to the latter. If Monster Hunter Rise has no reason to be ashamed of the competition and clearly stands out as a must-have, Capcom has proven to us with Monster Hunter World that it knows how to capitalize on the capabilities of the most powerful consoles. An opus developed for PS5, Xbox Series and PC is something to dream about, right?

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