a huge decision that will please the players

While The Sims 4 offers a lot of fun, it is also marred by annoying bugs that hamper the fun and create frustration among players and the community.

Since its release over a decade ago, The Sims 4 has accumulated an impressive amount of additional content, with over 70 DLCs. This abundance also led to a host of technical issues that left players frustrated. Finally recognizing these concerns, EA announced the creation of a team dedicated to resolving these issues. Finally ?

A commitment to the Sims 4 community

In a statement shared on social media, EA acknowledged the negative impact of technical issues on users’ gaming experience of The Sims 4.We know that technical issues have disrupted your gameplay over time and we recognize that this has caused you a lot of frustration,” said EA.

To address this situation, the publisher has established a team whose mission is to focus on improving the core experience of the game. This initiative includes addressing concerns reported by players, with a promise of more frequent fixes.

The first batch of fixes is expected this month, with updates planned approximately every two months. Among the issues already addressed in the May update, some concern strange behavior by Sims, such as independently purchasing mini-goats or teenagers flirting with members of their own family. EA is committed to fixing both major and minor issues, continuing to check boxes on their Laundry List over the next six months and beyond.

Obviously, the community of The Sims 4 welcomed this initiative, although it took a long time to come. On the game’s subreddit, players expressed their satisfaction at finally seeing fixes for bugs that have persisted for almost eight years. This positive reaction highlights the importance for EA to maintain this ongoing correction effort.

While waiting for the arrival of Project: Rene (Sims 5), the free-to-play successor to The Sims 4, EA must juggle between improving the current experience and developing new content.

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