a huge leap thanks to Matter and Wi-Fi 6E

A few days before its Made by Google conference, the latter is taking a step ahead and formalizing the Pro version of its Wi-Fi router. The Google Nest Wifi Pro is the first Google router to support Wi-Fi 6E, the latest generation wireless connection system.

The Nest Wifi Pro // Source: Google

This Thursday, October 4, Google will present the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro as well as its first connected watch, the Pixel Watch at the Made by Google event. In the meantime, the brand is taking a step ahead and formalizing its new Wi-Fi router, the Nest Wifi Pro.

Wi-Fi 6E is coming to us

The main interest of this Pro version of the Nest Wifi is the presence of Wi-Fi 6E, which uses the 6 GHz band. Google promises higher speeds and increased reliability since we can use several bands: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and now 6 GHz. This allows you to use devices compatible with this Wi-Fi standard and thus reduce the congestion of your network.

Source: Google

With this Nest Wifi Pro, combined speeds of 4.2 Gbps can be achieved. For wired connections, speeds of 1 Gbit/s can be achieved. One router can cover up to 120 m² and the two router pack can cover a maximum area of ​​220 m². Google announces that you can add a satellite at any time so that it works with the others without additional configuration to be performed. Each router can be connected with up to 300 devices.

A smart Wi-Fi router

To stand out, Google presses “ intelligence from his router. The latter can prioritize certain devices, for example those that view videos, to guarantee sufficient throughput and stability. Also, the Nest Wifi Pro can diagnose problems itself and fix them on its own.

Source: Google

Via the Google Home application, you can consult the list of devices connected to the router and suspend their access at any time. Google adds parental control, for example to block the connection from a certain time or to cut off access to risky content. Finally, you can create a guest network to avoid having to share your password.

Matter is coming to the Nest Wifi Pro

Google announces that the Matter functionality will soon be available on the Pro version of its router. This will make it possible to control its connected devices and to have increased compatibility between the connected objects and the home automation systems used, in a more reliable and faster way. The Nest Wifi Pro will therefore be able to connect Matter compatible objects with Google Home.

Source: Google

This Wi-Fi router therefore also incorporates Thread technology, “ which connects devices in your Thread mesh network to your Wi-Fi network “. According to the brand, this offers more speed, less consumption and better coverage. Theoretically, you will be able to connect your HomePod mini to your Google router, and therefore control your network from Siri or Alexa.

Google Nest Wifi Pro price and availability

The Google Nest Wifi Pro will be available for sale from October 27:

  • Wi-Fi router only: 219.99 euros
  • Pack of two: 329.99 euros

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