a huge surprise is coming, it’s confirmed

Is FromSoftware playing with the fragile hearts of Bloodborne fans, or is it preparing a nice surprise for them? The producer continues his strange teasing.

Bloodborne Remake. Two words that are enough to make an entire community fantasize. Players dream of it, demand it body and soul: they want a return of Victorian souls-like in 60 fps and 4K on PS5 and PC. The rumors around a possible portage were insistent, then reduced to nothing. Still nothing on the horizon and according to a source who has been reliable in the past, such a project would be under study, but we should look more towards the PS6 than the current generation. While waiting for a potential announcement, FromSoftware has obviously found a way to satisfy the community’s hunger. What if there was a bit of Bloodborne in the Elden Ring DLC?

Bloodborne in Elden Ring?

FromSoftware does it again. The Japanese studio ignited the powder last week with a simple image revealing a new monster that you can encounter in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. A sublime illustration, but which aroused strong reactions for something entirely different: the enemy in question looks exactly like the Winter Lanterns. Horrible creatures that literally drove anyone who had the audacity to look at them a little too closely crazy. It could have been a simple coincidence, Yasuhiro Kitao, producer of Elden Ring, has shared a new image that looks exactly like Bloodborne.

Not a single one, not a single legend, but that never stopped the community from speculating. Everything suggests, however, that it would be one of the new dungeons in the Elden Ring DLC, which could then recapture the gothic atmosphere so distinctive of Bloodborne. Brightening the image, we can notice some details, such as statues of what appear to be griffons or dragons, and even hanging cages, one of which is destroyed. Some players believe that there will be more flying enemies in the Elden Ring DLC, but this remains only a theory.

No, it’s not Bloodborne, but the Elden Ring DLC ​​©Yasuhiro Kitao

Will the expansion really contain a bit of Blooborne or at least its atmosphere to keep fans waiting? Answer on June 21 with the release of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, or perhaps a little before during Summer Game Fest if FromSoftware is preparing a real surprise.

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