a huge surprise revealed in advance, the fans will go crazy!

A huge leak has just hit the Pokemon franchise ahead of its event which has some big surprises in store for us. It concerns two games whose popularity is no longer in doubt.

The Pokemon license is not ready to give up, but we’re not teaching you anything. Scarlet and Violet is far from the last game to hit our screens. And that’s without mentioning the series or films to come in the coming years. But then, when will we know more about its future? The meeting was set by Nintendo for February 27, but something happened in the meantime. A leak has just made a big revelation that could ignite the community.

Pokemon Gold and Silver soon to return?

To put you in context, we learned that on February 27, 2024 at 3:00 p.m., there was going to be a Pokemon Presents. A date that fans are used to, since it is the anniversary of the game series. So we got a teaser, but that’s it. We don’t know more about what awaits us, and currently, theories are rife. However, it could well be that the Gold and Silver versions will make a comeback among us. If we affirm this, it is thanks to a leak spotted on the official Youtube channel of the franchise.

Yes, it seems that the thinking heads behind the event made a mistake. A short video was posted and it contains a description which makes the direct link with Pokemon Gold and Silver, released in 1999. To be more precise, we can see the logo and the artwork of the Gold version. And so, what could this mean? The idea of ​​a remake/remaster is obviously not to be ruled out, in a Let’s Go, Pikachu! style. or Let’s Go Eevee!. It goes without saying that this would make people happy, but it is not the only option.

Indeed, Nintendo could simply decide to bring them to the Switch Online, which is perhaps a little less exciting than a total overhaul. The last possibility, even less exciting, is a tribute to these games to celebrate their 25th anniversary. We’ve looked at the hypotheses, but one thing is – normally – certain, they will make their appearance at this Pokemon Presents. Fans are on the lookout, especially since this won’t be the only announcement made. Far from it even. We just have to wait until next week, but that should do it.

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