A Japanese at the top of the most produced cars in France

The Inovev firm, which establishes a ranking based on the production volumes declared by the manufacturers, has just made public the distribution of the most produced cars in France in 2021. With 156,464 copies leaving the Onnaing-Valenciennes site the year past, the fourth-generation Toyota Yaris, whose production started in July 2020, is at the top of this list.

More than 32,000 copies sold in France

The success of this city car with Japanese genes, voted European car of the year 2021, is undeniable with more than 32,200 copies sold in the territory last year. A very honorable score which places it in the top 10 of sales (in 8th position) ahead of the Dacia Duster II and the Twingo III. It is even the queen of sales in the “pure” hybrid segment ahead of the Renault Captur and Clio.

The French market takes 18% of the site’s production, slightly ahead of the Italian and British markets. The Toyota Yaris even ranks ahead of the Peugeot 3008 and the Renault Kangoo in terms of production volume. Since July 2021, the Onnaing-Valenciennes site has been producing a second vehicle, the Yaris Cross, the brand’s new urban SUV. Toyota is counting on a target of 30,000 annual sales in France, including a third to professionals, and is betting on 7% market share in the B-SUV segment. The Yaris Cross is set to become Toyota’s second best-selling model in France after the Yaris.

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