a killer trailer for the huge Prime Video series

The Boys pulls out all the stops with a new trailer for season 4. One thing is certain, it promises to be very violent once again, but we like that, right?

Superheroes are on the rise, but if there’s one series that takes everything in the opposite direction, it’s good. The Boysthe now cult series from Prime Video.
Gory, ultra-violent, funny, satirical and everything you want, in 3 seasons, it has established itself as a must-have on the platform to the point of generating at least two spin-offs: the animated series The Boys Diabolical And Gen Vwhich is also directly connected to this season 4, yes, we strongly recommend that you watch it before continuing under this article.

SPOILERS WARNING: the trailer obviously spoils the events of season 3 of The Boys but also those of Gen V, you have been warned.

Season 4 of The Boys will blow our minds

It’s coming quickly, season 4 of The Boys keeps making us wait but it’s finally coming on June 13, 2024 and it’s looking more than bloody!
This new season will follow in the footsteps not only of season 3 which left our heroes in a nameless quagmire sitting on a city transformed into a veritable powder keg, but also just after the events of Gen V, which should change everything. Some actors are already confirmed, we can see them in the trailer, and will even be accompanied by new faces like Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead).

Fans know that this season 4 should be decisive and promises to be particularly eventful, between rebellion, civil war and settling of scores, it’s a real festival of guts that awaits. The actors and showrunners have also warned us that season 4 will be disturbing and will set the bar a notch higher than the previous one, that promises.

Besides, be careful before taking a look at the trailer below (in VF and VO), certain sequences cut straight to the chase, no pun intended.

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