a leak reveals the new features inspired by the Google Pixel

As promised, Samsung wants to gain strength on the subject of AI. The firm will integrate several new features into its One UI interface directly inspired by Google’s changes.

Source: Robin Wycke – Frandroid

Artificial intelligence should become one of the major trends of 2024 on our smartphones. Samsung has already made several promises on the subject and a leak reveals its latest work in this area. Internet user Benit Bruhner Pro on X has published a series of information regarding the One UI 6.1 update, the next version of Samsung’s software for its Galaxy smartphones.

From AI generation

The update to One UI 6.1 should offer several important new AI-related features, such as the generation of wallpapers for the user. Benit Bruhner Pro makes a video demo on his account.

In the menu allowing you to change wallpaper on OneUI, Samsung offers to generate images from two fairly simple keywords. The experience is therefore very controlled, undoubtedly to prevent the AI ​​from doing anything, but the results are rather interesting.

Samsung has also provided AI assistance functions in several of its applications. For example, it will be possible to copy the subject of a photo to another image with a simple drag and drop, a bit like iOS 16. You will also be able to change the framing of a photo, and in particular zoom out, and generative AI will take care of trying to fill in the gaps.

In Samsung Notes, the AI ​​will be able to summarize a text in a few bullet points to summarize your notes.

When will Samsung One UI 6.1 be released?

The update to One UI 6.1 is likely planned to accompany the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S24s expected in January 2024.

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