a legend of French song perhaps soon on the jury of the next season

Each season of the TF1 show The Voice, spectators are treated to new features, whether in the rules of the game or in the jury. And it seems that work on the future composition of coaches has started.

This flagship show of TF1 is an event not to be missed for the French public. And for good reason, there are often new things. Fans therefore do not fall into monotony and remain intrigued by the future of the competition candidates. Therefore, for the next season of The VoiceThere is rumors about a possible new recruit. But is it necessary to change the current team?

It seems so. During the 2024 schedule, the entertainment show saw some pretty stinging reviews. Indeed, according to some Internet users, the final was rigged and decided in advance. Fans did not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction on the networks. Therefore, the production decided to bring yet another new touch to captivate the audience of The Voice on TF1.

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A complicated season of The Voice for production

Last season of The Voice ended with a duel which took place on Saturday May 25, 2024. It was the candidate Alphonse, from the Zazie team, who won. Nevertheless, this result was strongly criticized on social networks. We were able to read comments like “A fiasco all the way this year”, “I am leaving the premises”, “Great finish, very tasteless”, “We’ve hit rock bottom”, “This final is a blast”, “What is this artistic disaster?”or “The worst finale in the history of The Voice”.

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A person from the production team also highlighted these poor results from viewers in The Parisian this Saturday June 15, 2024. He insists by saying that season 13 has “a little disappointed”. The goal is therefore to maintain public enthusiasm for these famous blind auditions on TF1. Nevertheless, Matthieu Grelier, the producer, explained: “We agree that this year’s group was excellent and very involved with the talents. The feedback is also very good”. But looking for a new coach is already launched.

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This French singer could be part of the team

Even if The Parisian announces that Vianney and Mika are very appreciated by the fans, there is rumors about other names to renew the coaches. And it is the singer Juliette Armanet who attracts attention. A media expert added: “For several years, they have been probing Juliette Armanet, for example”according to the magazine Gala. A celebrity much loved by the French.

However, nothing has been done yet. Indeed, the producer of the show explained in The Parisian that this new composition with Juliette Armanet is not confirmed. He adds that they are in discussions with “them (the current coaches) as well as with a few other artists to prepare for the future”. Perhaps several names of singing personalities will appear in the list.

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