A little girl attacked on a school bus, her reaction commands admiration

Bullying, harassment and assaults within schools are becoming more and more common. This is what a 12-year-old girl, Amélia-Paige, suffered on the school bus on her way home. While one child abused her, others encouraged her abuser to go further. Following this attack, the little girl had a reaction that no one expected!

As this schoolgirl was walking home, she was attacked on the school bus by other schoolchildren. Amélia-Paige, 12, is a little girl like the others, on her way home from school on a school bus, she finds herself surrounded by a group of schoolchildren, telephone in hand ready to film the whole stage. It was then that another schoolgirl assaulted and beat her in front of the group who encouraged her to go further. Unbearable images of bullying and aggression recorded by other children and then published on the internet.

Following this video, many parents of students were shocked at the violence of the incident, Ginnie Nolan a mother of two young children in 8th grade says: “I saw the video of the little girl being beaten up and like everyone else, I was disgusted by it. She’s a tiny little girl”. Outraged, this mom decided to open a kitty on GoFundMe to show this little girl that “not everyone is bad” and give her a happy summer vacation. If at the beginning she did not hope to obtain a very large sum, it is finally more than 3,900 pounds that have been collected so far.

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The altruistic gesture of the little girl

Ginnie Nolan, the mother behind the fundraiser explains her gesture: “ I thought she was probably feeling very depressed and everyone was against her, and I wanted to do something to show her that the majority of people are decent. At that age you are already going through a lot and it broke my heart. The mother of the family wishes to offer one or two good days to the little girl during her summer vacation to take advantage of these family moments, she also explains that all the money raised will go to Amélia’s mother, Tyler Parsons.

Following this beautiful gesture, little Amélia had a reaction that few people would have had! The 12-year-old girl then indicated that she would use some of this money well to spend a pleasant day surrounded by her family. But she also said she would donate another portion to charities that fight school harassment and bullying. A beautiful altruistic gesture for this child barely out of a traumatic event.

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