“A lot has slipped”: Kubicki rejects further alliance with the Greens

“Sliding a lot”
Kubicki rejects further alliance with the Greens

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Traffic lights have been creaking and squeaking for a long time, especially between the FDP and the Greens. But the coalition partners are carrying on. FDP Vice President Kubicki makes it clear that cooperation between the two parties would be out of the question for further legislation.

Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki advises his FDP not to govern with the Greens again. In a guest article for the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, Kubicki writes, with a view to the joint government of the SPD, Greens and FDP in the traffic light coalition, that the “political friction losses” in an alliance with the Greens “are likely to become ever greater in this crisis-ridden time ” would. There are very different ideas, especially when it comes to budget, economic, energy and migration policy. “I cannot therefore advise my party to enter into a coalition with the Greens again after the next federal election,” Kubicki concludes in his article for the FAZ.

There was “a lot of slippage” in the first few days of this year. “A few weeks ago, in an interview, I expressed the hope that the traffic light coalition would find the spirit of the beginning again. If we do not achieve this within a quarter of a year, according to my prediction, the social centrifugal forces would become too strong for the coalition would endure this,” Kubicki continues, and then concludes: “This hope is becoming more distant.” The reason for this is not Friedrich Merz’s statements, but the growing uncertainty about “whether the Green colleagues still stand by this coalition.”

In the article, Kubicki also comments on CDU chairman Merz’s recent statements about the black-green coalition. Merz described his party’s coalition options in a newsletter at the weekend and pointed out that the Union would only have the SPD and the Greens as partners if a majority with the FDP was not enough. Kubicki writes in the FAZ that the federal CDU/CSU is “working towards” a coalition with the Greens.

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