A marathon of the famous saga arrives at the cinema

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Good news for fans of the Harry Potter saga. A marathon is being prepared at the Granx Rex cinema in Paris. Note the appointment in your agenda!

by Melanie Bonvard

Are you ready to jump into 20 hours of watching the saga? Harry potter on the big screen? Harry Potter marathons at home with a good pizza or a great hot chocolate are quite common among fans of the cult saga. But the best thing is to do a marathon in a movie theater. It is indisputable! Good news: the Grand Rex cinema in Paris is organizing a new marathon of the saga on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 August 2020. Suffice to say that it is an event not to be missed. Fans are in luck because, despite the closure of the Grand Rex during the month of August, the event at the end of the month is still maintained. The organizers really want to once again offer a unique experience for Potterheads in the largest venue in Europe.

If the Grand Rex is a huge place, we should not wait too long to get the seats. Don't panic if you are not available during one of the two days of this highly anticipated weekend, you can buy single day tickets that will cost you 25 euros against 40 euros spent to attend the entire marathon. The eight films will be shown in the great hall of the Parisian cinema in their original version. Of course, next to this viewing, special menus will be available for spectators. And, as is often the case at the Grand Rex, it will be necessary to expect various animations to benefit from a positive and benevolent atmosphere like the saga of JK Rowling. To get tickets, go to the Grand Rex ticket office which is already open.

A 30,000 m² Harry Potter festival is coming to France!

Video by Loïcia Fouillen

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