“A marriage between a man and a velociraptor”: a totally crazy Jurassic Park in the works!

Jurassic Park as you never imagined it: discover the totally crazy project of this prominent director!

We know her as an actress (she was recently in Barbie), but she is above all a director and screenwriter, and her next film, which promises to be exciting, is raising a lot of expectations.

On the occasion of the promotion of Saltburn, which was released a few days ago in the United States (and soon in France on Prime Video), Emerald Fennell spoke about the project of her dreams, a totally crazy film which will probably never see the light of day, but whose pitch is so unusual that it deserves to be shared!

Asked by the site Deadline on the project of her dreams, here is this erotic Jurassic Park she is thinking of!

His dream project? “I honestly think I was very lucky. I have already had the opportunity to do my dream projects. But my favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park, so I’d love to tackle dinosaurs.

She continues: “First and foremost, it will be very erotic. I think humans and dinosaurs will have gotten to that point where they will co-exist and things will start to get more intense between them. So there will be a marriage between a man and a velociraptor, and basically it will be a marital drama“.

While waiting to know if this project will really happen one day, or will remain at the stage of a simple fantasy, Emerald Fennell’s new film, Saltburn, is expected soon on Prime Video in France.

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