a member at the heart of a scandal forced out of office

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A new scandal for the British royal family. Accused of having made racist remarks, a person very close to the Windsor clan was asked to leave his official duties.

She was the lady-in-waiting and one of Queen Elizabeth II’s closest friends until her death. For more than 60 years, Lady Susan Hussey, 83, is practically part of the royal family. She is even godmother to Prince William. If she hadn’t made any mistake up to then, always being discreet, she’s been caught for a few hours in a real media storm. And for good reason, as reported by our colleagues from Hello!this Wednesday, November 30, she is accused of having held Racist Thoughts against a black woman during an evening organized by Camilla Parker-Bowles at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday on the theme of violence against women.

This woman targeted by the comments considered to be discriminatory by Lady Susan Hussey Is named Ngozi Fulani. As a former victim of abuse and current director of Sistah Space, she was invited to the Queen Consort event alongside Rania from Jordan, Mary from Denmark, Mathilde from Belgium and Sophie from Wessex.

After this reception, Ngozi Fulani denounced on Twitter the behavior of the former lady-in-waiting of Elizabeth II. “Mixed feelings regarding yesterday’s visit to Buckingham Palace. Ten minutes after I arrived a member of staff, Lady SH, approached me, moved my hair to see my badge”she explained, before revealing the content of their conversation.

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“Where are you from in Africa?”

“Where are you from”, reportedly first questioned Lady Susan Hussey. After Ngozi Fulani explained that his association was based in London, Prince William’s godmother allegedly asked him: “No, but where are you from in Africa?”. What his interlocutor would have answered by saying that she was “a British citizen”. She would then have continued to insist. “No, but where are you really from? Where do people like you come from?”she would have added, in remarks always quoted by Hello !.

Lady Susan Hussey removed from office

Following this controversyBuckingham Palace issued a press release in which it announced that it would take the necessary measures after theseunacceptable and deeply regrettable comments“. “We take this incident very seriously and have immediately investigated to establish all the details”can we read. “The person concerned would like to express his deepest apologies for the harm caused and has removed from her honorary role with immediate effectthe statement concluded.


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