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We especially know the effectiveness of sweet almond oil to nourish dry skin or fight against the appearance of stretch marks. But it also works wonders on the hair. Discover our tips for making your sweet almond hair care, adapted to your hair type.

Sweet almond oil is a vegetable oil obtained by cold pressing the kernel of almond fruit: almonds. It is very rich in fatty acids, especially omega 6 and omega 9. It also contains vitamins A and E, trace elements, minerals but also phytosterols and triterpene alcohols. Sweet almond oil is softening, emollient, softening and soothing. Very nourishing, it is often used in massage to prevent stretch marks and improve the elasticity of the skin. Many women also use it as a beauty treatment for the body and natural anti-wrinkle on the face. If it is not recommended for people allergic to nuts, it is however suitable for all members of the family (from 3 months!) And for all skin types.

Organic sweet almond oil: gentle on the skin, great on the hair!

Sweet almond oil is not only the ally of a very soft body and a plumped face, it is also a treatment particularly suitable for sublimating hair. It is a very complete natural beauty treatment and its virtues are not limited to its action on the skin. Everyone should have a small bottle of this miraculous oil in their bathroom. It is recommended for people with dry, damaged, brittle, dull hair. Sweet almond oil restores shine, nourishes and protects all types of hair, whether natural, colored or afro. And, contrary to what one might think, this vegetable oil does not grease hair

Bath, mask, before or after shampoo: our recipe ideas for a homemade treatment

  • The oil bath: for very dry and afro hair

The oil bath is reserved for those who have frizzy hair, very dry or damaged and who need a real intensely nourishing care. The bath of sweet almond oil will cleanse the scalp, participate in the elimination of dandruff but also prepare the hair for shampooing and then detangling. You can choose between using sweet almond oil alone or in synergy with other oils: castor oil, macadamia oil or argan oil for example.
To make your oil bath, mix two tablespoons of sweet almond oil with two tablespoons of another vegetable oil. You can also add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice. Sweet almond oil is already very rich in vitamin E, but nothing prevents you from adding a spoonful of pure vitamin E to the preparation.
On damp and untangled hair, apply the preparation strand by strand, emphasizing the ends and lengths by massage. Avoid the scalp so as not to suffocate the bulb. Then gather the hair in a bun and surround the head with plastic film or a hot towel. Leave on for 30 minutes to 1 hour and then shampoo.

  • A nourishing mask with organic sweet almond oil and avocado

A perfect mask to restore shine and nourish the hair. In a clean bowl, mix all the ingredients: 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil, the flesh of an avocado, 5 tablespoons of almond milk or cow's milk. Apply the preparation to damp hair and leave it on for fifteen minutes before shampooing.

  • The mask in hot oil

Prepare yourself for a real moment of sweetness. When heated, sweet almond oil gives off a delicate and very soothing scent. The objective will be to open the scales of the hair to favor the penetration of the active ingredients of the shampoo or of the treatments which will come next.
Just pour 2 to 3 tablespoons of the vegetable oil into a warm bowl. You can also heat it in a double boiler. Before applying it to the scalp and lengths, first make sure the oil is not too hot. Then leave on for fifteen to thirty minutes before going to shampoo.
Another possible use of sweet almond oil at home, which is very simple and requires no preparation, is to add a teaspoon of this vegetable oil to your usual shampoo.

If your tips are very dry, it is also quite possible to apply a few drops of sweet almond oil only on the tips after shampooing or applying a mask. Nothing prevents you, moreover, if your skin is tight, from taking advantage of it to apply a little sweet almond oil on your face after having warmed it between your fingers. Mixed with the essential oil of Tea Tree, you can also apply it on the scalp in massage for a cleansing effect. An ideal treatment to fight against dandruff and small itching.

How to choose your sweet almond oil?

Before choosing your sweet almond oil, be sure to look carefully at its composition. The ideal is to choose a 100% pure and natural organic vegetable oil, first cold pressing, without any chemical treatment, additive or preservative. Choosing a quality oil is the assurance of making the most of its properties. It should then be stored away from heat and light.

Our selection of products: the best organic sweet almond oils

You can easily find them in organic stores, the opportunity to ask advice and advice directly from a specialist seller. Certain brands are however only available online for delivery.

An excellent organic sweet almond oil made in France cold pressed. We love its chic packaging

A safe bet with this organic cold pressed oil, 100% pure and natural

A very good organic product that is suitable for the whole family.

Other vegetable oils good for hair

Besides organic sweet almond oil, other vegetable oils are also very effective as hair care. It is quite possible to combine them, depending on the desired effect. Among the most effective vegetable oils we can cite: castor oil, avocado oil, organic coconut oil, wheat germ oil, arugula oil (perfect to fight against hair loss!) but also macadamia or borage oil. Choose these organic products preferably. The advantage of all these vegetable oils is that they are also perfect for use on the body and face. A real economy!

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