a more convenient model for talking to Alexa in your car

Amazon presents the new generation of its Echo Auto, a microphone that allows you to take advantage of Alexa in the car.

Here is the new generation of Amazon Echo Auto. The principle remains the same as on the previous model released in 2018: allow the use of the Alexa assistant in the passenger compartment of your car.

It is thus a microphone that pairs with your smartphone and connects to the car’s audio system via Bluetooth or through a jack.

Easier to hang in the car

The new Amazon Echo Auto is easier to hook up. It is indeed smaller and is equipped with an adhesive support to stick it without difficulty to the dashboard of the vehicle. The jack has also been moved to facilitate the cable management of the device in the car.

Despite the reduction in the number of microphones within the device (5 instead of 8 previously), the new Echo Auto promises to embed better algorithms to better understand your words.

A new service was also introduced. Thus, in the event of a breakdown or puncture, you can ask Alexa to contact a support service. This requires a paid subscription and it is not a priori available only in the United States.

$54.99 for the new Amazon Echo Auto

Moreover, Amazon Alexa in the car can answer your questions and perform certain tasks such as playing a piece of music, giving directions or giving information of all kinds.

The new Amazon Echo Auto is announced at the recommended price of $54.99.

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