A mother victim of a discomfort while driving, her daughter manages to stop the vehicle

On Wednesday August 2, a mother suffered from discomfort while driving her car. His daughter, a 17-year-old girl, managed to stop the vehicle.

That should not be reassuring people with amaxophobia, panic fear of driving. A terrible tragedy was certainly narrowly avoided, Wednesday August 2, around noon. That day, a 54-year-old mother who was driving on the A20 motorway, in the Paris-Toulouse direction, was victim of illness near the town of Cieurac (Lot), recounts The Midi Dispatch the same day. The driver almost ran off the road, but fortunately her daughter intervened.

This last, a 17 year old girl, immediately had the reflex to take the wheel. Afterwards, she managed to stop the vehicle without causing any damage. After the events, the mother was taken care of by the emergency services while she was in absolute urgency, details the regional daily. As for his daughter, in a state of shock, she was also transported to the Montauban hospital center (Tarn-et-Garonne).

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Another motorist suffering from discomfort

A month earlier, The Midi Dispatch echoed similar facts. On July 6, around 10:20 p.m., a 57-year-old motorist suffered an illness on the D19near the municipality of Sieuras (Ariège). His 9 year old son, who was also in the car, immediately called for help. Unfortunately, the victim – who was on holiday in the Pyrenees – could not be revived. The father of the family died.

In the same article, our colleagues recalled the procedure to follow if you are the victim of discomfort. From the first warning signs – such as sweating, chest pain, loss of vision, paralysis of a limb, or severe headache –, the first instinct is to stop safely and set your warnings. Afterwards, it is advisable to get out of the vehicle and lie down on the ground. If you’re alone and can’t get out of the car, keep your seat belt on. As soon as you are safe, quickly notify the emergency services with your mobile phone: 15, 18 or 112.

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