a mummy found in an apartment sitting on a chair

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The police did not expect this, and neither did the doctor. A mummified corpse has been discovered, and the mysteries surrounding it are many.

In Niort, the disappearance of little Marciano on Sunday April 9 worries. A young woman had been found in Montpellier but greatly traumatized by the torture suffered for 47 days, described during her trial this week. Unfortunately for this baby from Arras in the North, his mother died by his side. And in Montbéliard, in the Doubs, another corpse was found by the police. He was mummified.

The Republican East recounts this macabre discovery, which took place last Thursday. The police were in the process of setting up the framework for the demonstrations planned against the pension reform. But an alert asked them to intervene in an apartment in the city center. On the spot, the police discover with horror an inert body sitting on a chair.

Body found mummified raises questions

A man was worried about not hearing from his neighbor. He decided to call the authorities to warn them and verify that nothing had happened to him. Unfortunately, the police did not have any good news about him.

A doctor also visited the site and his conclusions are surprising to say the least. In effect, the scientist estimated his death at 2019, after examining the corpse. Years therefore separated his disappearance from this terrible discovery. But is it really the neighbor in question?

The state of decomposition of the corpse was very advanced. The doctor therefore did not wish to issue a burial permit and it was the scientific police who had to come and analyze the body.

An investigation is now open to try to understand what could have happened. An autopsy is scheduled to determine the cause of death. of this man but also confirm if it is the inhabitant of the apartment by definitively identifying the body. A case still unanswered.

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