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From April 1 to 7, you can attend a special confinement music festival, the sweet name of "I stay at home".

Sunny days herald the start of music festivals, but with the arrival of unexpected new programming called coronavirus, plans change. Thus, the specter of cancellation hangs over many summer music festivals. Uncertainties that give ideas to some. Thus was born #JeResteALaMaison, the first confined festival, or e-festival, organized from April 1 to 7, on Facebook.

This voluntary initiative is proposed by professionals of the sector gathered within the collective La Prod ’du Canap’. They announce that this event will allow "keep hope and energy"and that it helps"to party together despite the distanceA kind of "Living Room Concert" in French, the charity concert organized by Elton John recently.

As for the programming, it is varied: from Yael Naim to Oxmo Puccino, via Sanseverino, Tim Dup, Tété, Emily Loizeau and a certain Didier Wampas. There is even a selection for "kids", including Aldebert, Gainsbourg For Kids, Radio Minus or Le people de l'herbe. Nearly 80 artists, and not the least, will be "gathered" for the occasion and will offer live sessions from home.

"On the sidelines of civil life, many concerts, festivals have been canceled. Louis Fabre had the idea to extend these moments and to 'deterritorialize' them online, a festival outside the walls because the bodies are confined but the ideas are not ", underlines Tété at the microphone of Culture Médias.

A great mark of solidarity in the cultural sector which is severely hit by the current crisis.

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Video by Masisilya Haboudou

by Celine Peschard