a new feature to make life easier for PS5 and PS4 players

Sony has just launched a new feature to help players who have a PSN account on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Connection will be easier from now on.

The majority of people who own any PlayStation console have a PSN account. Thanks to this, it is possible to connect to the network in order to play online with friends, or strangers, to make purchases on the PlayStation Store and to have access to other services. But before taking advantage of all these things, you must create identifiers which can be quickly lost, and/or which are sometimes too light in terms of security. Yes, passwords based on “1 2 3 4” are never the most appropriate.

Password-free connection on PS5 and PS4

Like other services, PSN requires credentials consisting of an email address and password. And for added security, the platform also has two-factor authentication. Kezako? When the option is activated, you receive an SMS on your smartphone, with a code to enter, to prove that you are the owner of the account. Quite cumbersome procedures, but something new has shaken up this procedure a little.

From now on, PS5 and PS4 users can log in to PSN without having to enter their password. “An identification key makes connection faster by allowing you to not have to enter your password, and to access your games more quickly” explains the official PlayStation website. Instead of the traditional password, the idea here is to log in via a mobile device or PC, using your phone PIN or technologies like fingerprint or facial recognition. An easier connection that comes with increased security, being that the identification key is not vulnerable like a password.

“An ID key also reduces the vulnerability inherent in password-only systems: it cannot be guessed or reused, is linked to your PSN account and only you can access it. Credentials are more secure than passwords because they resist phishing and other types of cyberattacks like data leaks. adds the manufacturer.

Credits: PlayStation.

How to create and configure a passkey for PSN? It’s pretty simple, especially if you’ve already gone into your account to enable two-factor verification.

  • Go to “PSN Account Management”
  • Then “Security” and “Connect with an identification key”
  • Then click on “Create ID key”

And that’s it… or almost! To avoid any issues, Sony has also shared some guidelines.

Recommended credential providers include: iCloud Keychain, Google Password Manager, 1Password, and Dashlane.

Some hardware security keys may have issues. Consider using ID keys synced to mobile devices.

On mobile devices, use the default camera app to activate a passkey and log in with it. Some Android phones may require a QR code reader app to be installed for certain passkeys.

Via PlayStation.

So should we go for this new thing? It depends. On ResetERA, users who have used an iOS device report not having had any problems. Conversely, an Internet user on Android was unfortunately unable to say the same. After a few manipulations, it was back to normal, hence perhaps the few instructions from Sony upstream to avoid any connection inconvenience.

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