a new free game to grab urgently!

This is excellent news for lovers of good deals! Steam is currently offering an offer that’s hard to refuse: a free game. However, you will have to be quick to take advantage of it!

Valve’s platform has long been a staple for PC gamers. Its online store offers a multitude of games in all genres, with many promotions, not to mention the event sales that occur at certain times of the year. We are also expecting the big summer sales soon. Sometimes Steam goes a step further and follows in the footsteps of its big competitor, the Epic Game Store, by offering games for free.

A new free game on Steam!

And it is once again the case today with Field of Glory 2, a niche title but extremely popular in its category. It is a medieval strategy game developed by the independent studio Byzantine Games (Warhammer Battlesector), which takes place between the year 280 and 25 BC, at the height of Rome. Lovers of Total War will find certain aspects of large-scale combat with a large number of troops to control. Of course, we are far from the huge battlefields of Creative Assembly’s game, but you can get an idea.

Field of Glory 2 is also played on a turn-based basis, based on tactical elements well known to players of the genre. Special attention will have to be paid to the placement of units, the effect of terrain, etc.

A little Total War vibe, no?

Field of Glory 2 should appeal to strategy game fans

In general, Field of Glory 2 is rather popular on Steam. Players particularly welcome its gameplay, its concept and its desire to offer a unique experience, halfway between the classic STR and the tactical game. Some, however, regret a lack of finish, a little rigid game mechanics or a technique that leaves something to be desired. At any rate, Field of Glory 2 should be a great choice for fans of the genre. Anyway, the game is free on Steam, so why not? However, it will be necessary to act quickly, because the offer is only valid until June 8 at 6 p.m. and within the limit of available stocks.

Moreover, if you ever like the game, know that all of its DLCs are currently on sale on Steam. The opportunity to expand the experience a bit with new playable units, new maps, etc. These promotions are also available until June 8, 6 p.m. It will therefore not be necessary to train too much there too.

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