a new game announced, it’s going to be crazy

Star Wars Jedi Survivor was an excellent surprise and the action game reached a wide audience. In this context, it is obvious that the saga is far from over.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor adventure game was a great success. Right here on Gameblog, we gave it a nice score of 8/10. This sequel to Fallen Order also received very positive reviews despite numerous technical problems on PC. The stigma is still visible on Steam via community reviews. Despite everything, EA and Respawn Entertainment are proud of their creation. And we can understand them.

When the main actor teases Star Wars Jedi

When a game is a success, usually, investors are willing to sign on for a sequel. And obviously, that’s what happened with Star Wars Jedi Survivor. We can learn this during a Comic-Con 2023 panel whose images went viral very recently. In these, the interpreter of Cal Kestis, the actor Cameron Monaghan, let it go:

We’re working on a third game and we’re in the process of making it right now.

Without really saying more, he immediately specifies that it’s a big project and that he expects it to be “really cool”. The announcement is surprising in terms of timing, as it came just a week after Star Wars Jedi director Stig Asmussen left Respawn Entertainment. We know that the developer has decided to leave the studio to pursue other adventures. We hope that this will not harm the good health of this third episode because he was still the strong man of the franchise.

Actor Cameron Monaghan confirms a Star Wars Jedi 3.

Now, what can we anticipate for this sequel? Many storyline perspectives remain, especially with the recent appearance of the Ahsoka series. In addition, the Star Wars universe still contains a multitude of unexplored planets that we have not had the chance to discover. The Galactic Civil War period offers a rich array of content in the Star Wars universe. Thus, all possibilities remain open, including with regard to the characters. Why not consider the possibility of integrating the character of Din Djarin, the hero of The Mandalorian, into the scenario? What is certain is that Respawn has a whole bunch of options to make it a totally crazy game, especially by further improving the original recipe.

Jedi Survivor just got better

We could tell you about the technical problems on PC which affected the game Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Please note that just a few days ago, fans were able to discover patch 7 which resolves some of the problems with the addition of the famous Nvidia DLSS on PC. Deep Learning Super Sampling technology is a real breath of fresh air for small configurations, allowing less use on the graphics card. Same fight on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, patch 7 improves Quality and Performance modes, notably by reaching 60 FPS in Performance mode. This allows everything to be further optimized. The game really needed it.

For your part, what would you like for Star Wars Jedi 3? A direct sequel to the second episode? A major time ellipse to join the timeline of The Mandalorian?

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