a new leak that will reassure players

The Nintendo Switch 2, subject to great anticipation, is the subject of a new rumor, this time concerning its screen. Let’s look at what we know about this.

A recent online report, originating from Korea and published by Chosun Biz, offers information on the possible Nintendo Switch 2 screen. As always, this information should be taken with a grain of salt to avoid disappointment in the event of an official announcement to the contrary.

A happy rumor for the Nintendo Switch 2

So, a new Korean report suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 could feature an OLED screen produced by Samsung. This speculation arose from recent discussions between Nintendo and Samsung Display, started in early December, aimed at equipping the next generation of the Switch with advanced OLED displays. The move is reportedly a response to accusations that BOE, another display maker, illegally acquired OLED trade secrets from Samsung. In fact, initially, Nintendo considered the Chinese producer BOE as a supplier. However, they turned to Samsung due to the risk of patent infringement litigation.

Conflicting information has circulated regarding the type of screen the Nintendo Switch 2 will use. The latest news, however, reinforces the idea of ​​two different models at launch. A more affordable model with an LCD screen and a more expensive model equipped with a higher quality OLED screen. A bit like what is currently also done for the Steam Deck.

OLED, why is it good?

OLED displays are made of layers of organic materials that emit light when an electric current passes through them. Unlike traditional LCD displays, which require a backlight, each pixel in an OLED display produces its own light.

OLED screens therefore have several significant advantages. First of all, they offer much more intense image quality with deep blacks and high contrast. Then, thanks to this technology, the viewing angles are wider, ensuring consistent image quality from different angles. OLED displays also benefit from a fast response time. Which makes them ideal for gaming and fast-moving videos. Finally, the flexibility of organic materials allows for thinner and even bendable screen designs, paving the way for innovative designs. There is obviously little chance that the Nintendo Switch 2 screen will be foldable, it remains a technical possibility.

It’s for when ?

The official release date for Nintendo Switch 2 remains uncertain. While most predictions point to a late 2024 release, recent rumors, notably those from tech leaker Ravengus, suggest an early release, perhaps as early as early 2024. These speculations are partially supported by statements from Shuntaro Furukawa , president of Nintendo, who suggested that the time between announcement and release of the console would be short, potentially pointing to a release window at the start of fiscal year 2024, which begins in April.

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